Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Week!

 Hello family!! well another week has gone by i cant believe it! it sounds like all of you guys are doing good!! Well i will start with my week! first off, last wednesday was our p day and we kinda relaxed that day because my knee has kinda been hurting..  but when our p day was over we met with this member emma, and she asked us to teach her about the plan of salvation... which was weird because our first meeting she said she believed in reincarnation... haha so we taught her and the whole time she was sooo interested! we were kinda scared at first becaue we didnt know if she wanted to argue with us or what when she asked us to teach her that, but the whole time she just listened and at the end we asked her to pray about it because and this is what we said "if this plan is true then reincarnation is not..." haha it was kinda bold but she agreed so we will see!! then we just met with a few other people during the next couple of days and on saturday my knee has been bugging me and pretty swolen so sister aland said i could take a day off, so we went to her apartment and she let us watch movies! haha we saw tangled and how to train your dragon.. (so not allowed) however, we had to sit there anyway and we had to preview the movies so the youth can watch them at a conference.. haha but it was a good day because i got to be off my leg for a little bit...then on sunday we met with our investigators lida and masha.. and we cant count them as progressing anymore because they didnt do what we asked them to do so that was sad, but we will still work with them, and once we have done all we can, we are going to have to tell them that as missionaries, we cant do anything more.. that they have to do it themselves! it is really hard! then monday... and this is what made my week soooo interesting... we woke up  at 5 because we were going to see this member and she lives in a village and the only bus that leaves in the morning leaves at 615... so we woke up, bought a bus ticket and were on our way to ribavovo... weird name i dont know how to spell it in english.. it takes only about an hour to get there so we got there at 715 and we met with olga... and shes kinda a crazy women.. shes a great member but crazy... and she lives in this village and everyone in this  village basically knows eachother... anyway we get to her house and its so sad.. she has like nothin, and what she does have is broken.. and her apartment is soooo dirty and gross..and keep in mind.. the only bus that leaves this town leaves at 2!! so i was like " i seriously have to be here for like 7 hours.." hah but i guess thats missionary work..then we helped her son with english cause he isnt doing wel in school and he left and we taught her, then we had brought stuff to make a cake.. and this is improtant too.. i went to the bathroom at olgas apartment and i almost threw up.. so... thats important for this story.. but she didnt have an oven, so she called this lady and she let us go get her oven.. so we went to this ladies house.. taeese.. weird name too i know.. and she had this oven, hard to explain.. but it was like a pan with a lid, and the lid heated up.. and you heated up the lid and cooked the top of the cake first, then you put the pan on a burner and it cooked the bottom, i have a picture i will have to send it to you.. anyone.. something i havent ever seen but kinda like a dutch oven that was electric..THen.. it was interesting because she let us come in and teach her? and we had NOOO  idea! so we taught her about joseph smith and the book of mormon and she was interested so we gave her a book of mormon and she said she would read! whcih is soo great! so that was a good meeting but by the end i really had to go to the
 bathroom! so i asked her because i didnt want to go at olgas because it was gross.. and she said "Oh its not working but you can just go outside!" haha so i was like "thats great, i would rather go outside then in olgas house.." so she leads me to her backyard which you can see from the road.. and the fence is about up to my chest and made out of wood so you can see through it and she opens the gait and says "go right here nobody will watch or see you!" hahaha and i was like "right here?" and in my head, i was like "EVERYBODY CAN SEE ME! THE GAIT IS SEE THROUGH! and its only up to my chest,. and at this point sister is dying laughing.. and then all the sudden, about 20 chickens come running out of the chicken coop! haha and i was like, i cant go here because the chickens will attack me... anyway.. she asked why i wasnt going and i just said laughing "i cant go
 here!" hah so she took me to the back of her house in this little abandon barn thing and it was so nast and gross but it was hidden from everyone.. so yep.. i went there! haha but.. it was better then going in the gross
 toilet... ahaha so if i get diseases you know what! haha this barn was just old and who knows what was in there, i should have been scared but it was kinda like going when you are camping, except i was in a skirt?,,, haha
 anyway that was my crazy story this week!

 Then on tuesday we met with galina.. and she needs to be baptized she has been a 12 year investigator.. but she is working on a river cruise ship this summber so friday we actually get to see her... on the boat its going to be so cool! anyway, i will get to answering your questions, but other than that.. this
 week wasnt too bad..
 and this week should be busy tooo!

 ok! tell telicia and courtney thanks for the letters! courtney i wish i could send you a letter to thailand but i am so happy you are doing that! haha the living situation sounds crazy! but i can understand where you are
 coming from! hahah love you i will send you a real letter soon! telicia! your belly is so cute! i wrote you a letter and it should be getting to you soon! amy and brooke i wrote you too!> mom, it sounds like things are good! i will see if i can figure out my account here in russia...
you asked if people had freedom? ya they do here, its hard to leave the country but other than that things are pretty normal... and ya we see the missionaries here in tomsk almost every day so thats great
 too! we all teach english club together because there are 3 groups so thats great..
 i am excited the summer for you is starting! that should be great.. i cant
 believe summer is here!

 dad... thanks for the email! it sounds like you and gainer swim a ton like you did last year! haha its always fun to hear gainer stories and the things he says!
 i love you dad!

 grandma! it sounds like that concert was amazing i hope to be able to see them when i come home! and grandpa is a priest! thats awesome! tell jamie congrats for me too for graduation!
 love you grandma!

 ok.. i am sorry i dont have much time i will send pictures hopefully next
 i love you guys and i really do appreciate when you write me! it helps
 soooooooo much! i love you guys! talk to you next week!
 mom make sure you send some to amy ok? the ones i sent to dad and you! love
 you soo much!

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