Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm coming home... and I dont know how I feel about it.

Ok ok ok, mom this can go to everybody cause i guess people will find out anyway right? haha so for those of you who dont know, this will be my last letter from russiafor a while... I have a piece from my meniscus just chillin in my knee so i have to come home and get surgery... so... ya. this is a crazy mission i know. Who would have thought? 2 surgeries in my mission.. wow... but yes, i am really really sad to be leaving russia right now. Its the perfect weather and i am starting to see miracles. I am just starting to get ahold of the language and i can finally kinda communicate.. man... the lord has a plan doenst he? No, really, from what i have learned from this is that the Lord totally has a plan, and i know that. And i hope that i can come back to russia but if i have to finish my mission somewhere else, i will.. so we will see! whatever the lord has in store for me... i will follow!

  Anyway, i did see the greatest miracle this week....when I was here the first time, in Novosibirsk, we were teaching this lady and her name was Irina... and she had a daughter her name was dasha... and the mom was interested in the gospel and we taught her about 5 times and then we left to tomsk. And we asked her daughter if she wanted to listen and she said "no, i dont believe, if he does exsist he hasnt given me anything" and it was really really sad... but she was just kinda a crazy teenager. Well, then we met the guy who gave us Irinas number, and he said "her daughter wants to meet with you".. and i was like "what? no way".. but we called her and she was so willing to have us over.. so we went over and she was all the sudden 4 months prego, and we sat down and talked to her and she just went off...on things like " i know god lives, i can feel him i know theres something.... i want to know more, i want to come to church with you..." and sister and i just sat there and just stared.. and it was a completely different person... i couldnt believe it.. i want to say more but i can explain. We are just praying she comes with us on sunday cause shes amazing. I cant believe. I really beleive that we were sent there to Irina to meetdasha... It was so cool..

anyway.. this week has been pretty crazy. Just preparing to come home... sweird... but its ok... i am just trying to do what i can this week so i cacome home, figure out this surgery, and come back and finish the work here! i can honestly say i love russia, i love the pepole.... i love the work...its crazy that you dont realize how much you are going to miss it until you have to leave. and its even scary when you dont know if you can come back. But... i just know that this experience has been one in a million.. i have great pictures to show you guys!

  anyway, the rest of the week was pretty normal.. a lot of people saying no...a lot of chasing buses.. and lot of eating weird food! we did go to the big swap meet and saw a TON of fur... it was so cool....and we are now at a 4th of july party with the missionaries.. sister and i are in blue and white striped shirts and red skirts... the thing is is its not so much american pride because russian colors are red white and blue too...

  anyway... random letter i am excited to see you guys... mom you got my
  flight plans... so i guess i will see you monday night!

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