Tuesday, June 28, 2011

no....I didnt see another naked man

> so another week has gone by! i am sorry i can respond to everybodies emails
> but just know I love you all soooo much!!
> first of all... brookie jackson and amy! thanks for the letters, i love you
> both.. and the pictures of ashtons wedding were amazing! ASHTON YOU ARE
> i love you guys!!!
ok... first off.. a little about my companion.. her name is sister clark andshe is from washington.. she studied at BYU and i have to say.. i amcompanions with amy/aly giles... its sooo great! there are sometimes whenshe says something and i just look at her because its exactly what amy would say.. so amy... know you are with me right now and i love it! we have a lotof fun.. and its great because we contact a ton.. and of course nobodyreally likes to talk to us, and they are slightly rude.. but we always make some dumb missionary joke after and say things like "fine, I dont think wanted to give you salvation anyway..." haha so lame i know, and definetlnot what christ would do, but you gotta make it fun sometimes. .and truly..it does break my heart when people just completely disreguard us or theycall us a colt.. or something like that, because i know they are so far off,and i know that they are all daughters and sons of our heavenly father...but we gotta make it happy too.. hahaanyway, she is so great and we have a ton of fun...ok to tell a little ab out my week...after i wrote you we went shopping, and mom, i am pretty sure it was at that mall you looked up before... its like legit.. reminds me of america... hah and they actually had a ton of sales. i was able to buy some t shirts and not just t shirts, cute shirts for like 7 bucks... so it worked out great...

  oh! and it was sisters birthday so we ate at ikea and KFC... hahah yum! Then after we met with the lady nina, and she has the biggest dog and scary dog i have ever seen, just a side note.. anyway, we met with her and she lives in a house and she has a garden so for sisters birthday we picked strawberries! it was so cool! then on thursday... get this.. WE SET A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!! with tanya.. shes a young girls with the mom olga... she really wants to be baptized we just have to teach her... so that was a way good day for us... then i honestly cant remember what happened friday.... hahah then saturday we met with babavalia in the toilet again.. this time it was incredibly stinky... i wanted to puke the whole time.. probably because it was saturday and she works by this park thing where there are always tons of  people.. because there are fountaints.. and get this... people like swim in the fountains... siberia is strange i know.. anyway... people always have wedding picctures there and stuff.. oH! and when we were there, the bride totally went to the bathroom in her toilet.. ahaahaha it was like 27dresses... it was classic... then after we met with tanya again and taught her about sabbath day, we have a feeling that going to church will be her biggest problem... and then sunday... lo and behold... she didnt come to church.. so thats going to be hard with her but we are hoping that she can make it to church and make her baptismal date...which is the end of july... then monday... so my knee has  been hurting and so sister trejo called me and told me the doctor would be calling..so he called and he said its either 2 things... the swelling which would mean that we can just take the fluid out again.. oooorr i tore it which would mean surgery.. and he said that i just need to get an MRI to find out...so yes.. we found an MRI and it was actually a way nice place.. and i got one monday.. and it was hysterical.. at one point i moved during it and in russian english the lady goes over the intercom and says "dont move" hahaha i was dying.... anyway... that went ok... mom i will have to tell you the results in a different email :) hahaha... ya i have an interesting life i know...anwyay... then sister left to finland on tuesday so i have just been with the senior couple the huffakers and have been off my knee... we dont rreally have a busy day i am just kinda relaxing for this p day...
  anyway...i hope this week is great! i love you guys and i love eerything you do for me! know that the mission is going! hahah i know we dont see a lot of success but i like to think that maybe i wont see it for a while...as long as i am doing what the lord asks thats all i can do...and he knows all and if i am doing what he asks i can work as his hands... i love this church and my mission! and i love russia! i love the people and these experiences... i love you guys!

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