Tuesday, June 21, 2011


hello family! everything sounds like it is going well!!! i am excited that you got the package! i know i didnt send pictures but its ok... not much is really happened here! i will try to send one more but its kinda hard from here... Well i didnt end up getting a letter from jess but thats ok... i am just glad that she got to be there with you guys and that you all have had fun! its always great when the family can get together and that i was there via russian dolls right? haha i am glad that it worked out...

well i cant really write that much this week but a lot has happened... we had a good week in tomsk and we had great zone conference with presidentthere and it was his last conference with us there and it went really well..we did the cutting of the tie.. i guess that in our mission whenever a missionary goes home the mission president cuts the tie... and now that hes leaving he got to cut a tie off of each of us so he has a tie from each missionary he served with which  was awesome....anyway., other than that the work was going great in tomsk! i love the branch and i love the people... but then on monday i got emergency transfered to novosibirsk to the same area i was in when i first came  on my mission... so ya.. sunday we decided and then monday i was on a bus by myself traveling 5 hours to novo... it was so funny cause i was thinking the whole time.. "ok.. i am in the middle of sibearia... by myself... on a bus.. i have no phone, i dont really know russian.. i am CRAZY!" haha but it all turned out ok.. i am on left bank right now and my companion is sister clark,,., she is a transfer older than me and we were in the mtc together... its only been two days but its been really fun so far... this should be a great next 7 weeks I think... and i am closer to a senior couple and doctor if i need one... so its going to be great i think.. i feel really good about the early transfer...other than that.. i dont really have any crazy stories except that a drunk man on a bus told me that in 1920 that the workers in siberia rose up against the smart people and killed a ton of them... and then told me that i was one of those smart people and that i should go back to where i camefrom.. hahahahaha honestly.. its kinda scary if you REALLY think about it but not really because he was drunk and nothing would ever really happen.. but i just laughed cause i was like "yes! he thinks i am smart!" haha Then the conductor lady on the bus i was sitting next to her and she kinda yelled at the guy and then started talking to me to try and comfort me... she said she really appreciated that i liked russia and that i would be here.. so it turned out really good...

  SO ya.. we are just getting started here with the work in novo.. i am excited to be back and people remember me so its been really fun.. its been a good couple of days even though i miss sister vasilevskaya and tomsk so much.. but i guess this is the lords plan and we have to follow it right?well family.. i am sorry i dont have much time!! i love you all and is seriously am so grateful for your support and ;ove.. i miss you so much and i feel like you guys are progressing like i am here on my mission... we are on the earth the become even as christ and i know that its a day to day basis... maybe read in ether this week about the brother of jared and the jaredites and them building barges.. ive gotten a lot out of that story lately and especially chapter 6 on how the lord blew the winds so strongly that they at times were ecompassed by water... but he never ceased to blow toward the promised land.. and even though sometimes we feel as if we are encompassed by waters... we know that its the lord refining us.. and blowing us back to him.. its only through our trials that we can return to our father in heaven...i know that he gives us trials to make us grow... i know that with all my heart...i know that this gospel is true and has given me so much strength here on my mission... i know that i am called of god through a prophet of god to be here in russia right now.. i love my misson and i wouldnt trade it for anything

i love you guys! keep up all the good things you are doing. you are all great examples for me and i love how i can see through your letters that you are growing and that life is good no matter what happens...
  rach tell evan i am sorry and i will pray for him... that must be hard but at least we have the plan of salvation right? jess.. thanks for much for bringing the package! i really appreciate it!! Mom dad grandma.. thanks for your supporting letters.. i love you all!
TELICIA!!!!!YOUR BABY IS ADORABLE!!!!! I CANT EVEN BELIEVE IT!  whats his name? how big is he? when exactly did you have him?!?!? ahhhh i am so happy for you! i love you and i know you will be such a graet mom... you are amazing! congrats to you and matt both!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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