Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yes, we have a fat naked man

ok! family and friends hello! i know the title of my email sounds crazy..  well thats probably because it is.. hahaha i want to start off with my crazy week here in siberia! First of all.. i am here in novosibirsk again and yes i am in the same place  i was before, same apartment and all! left bank so i love it... and secondly.. president peterson who was supposed to come after president trejo will no longer be our president... something happened and he isnt allowed to come to russia so we will have a president for a month while they
  are training a new president i dont know his name but all i know is he was called to go to new mexico and no he is coming to siberia... quite the change i know! haha so thats different for us.. it should be good though
  well to start off my week... wednesday we were just contacting all day and funny story.. sister told someone in russian we had an "animal prophet"  instead of a "living prophet" so that was hysterical.. the lady just kinda
  looked at us crazy... hahaha its fun learning a new language right? haha Then on tursday we met with this lady valentina and she has the fasted pet turtle i have ever seen... and its just roams around her apartment its
  pretty hysterical.. we weer teaching her and we like heard the turtle speeding down the hall.. so random... then our next meeting was with this lady galina.. and she is just like brutally honest with us... she tells us we cant speak the langauge at all and then she told me that my hair doesnt tell people that i am a hairdresser... haha shes a hoot.. but she ended up loving us when we left so we will see. she just aways tells us we are
  horrible but loves having us over its hysterical...Then! on friday, we met with this lady babavalia... and we met with her at her work.. and guess where she works... and public toilet (because you usually have to pay to use the bathrooms) so she takes money.. so ya.. we met in a toilet... hahaha it was hysterical.... then the good part of our week... we have these investigators a mom and a daughter named olga and tanya and they are so great! they told us they would for sure be baptized when they knew it was true... which is a huge step and
  they always do what we want! its amazing! they are such amazing investigators the mom just works a ton so its hard to meet but we are trying!!!! then the rest of the week was just crazy... let me tell you... russia people
  are nuts.. i love them dearly... but i cant describe the things i see here... you just have to be here... hahaha
  other than that we just meet with inactives and members and contact... we  have done a ton of contacting this week and have had very little success... most of the time people ignore us or just say "net"... sometimes we orrr.. they say "not allowed" and we just always say "yes.. its allowed  ahah its funny cause sister clark and i just laugh at it... its ok though, yes its hard.. but we just keep our heads up and know that as long as we do what the lord wants then we will be blessed...

  well.. let me tell you about russia in the summer real quick... first of all, all i can say is they have NO SHAME! women walk around basically naked... and wait, men too.. haha men always walk around in itty bitty shorts and thats all... and i have seen so many men just change clothes... its so strange... haha new culture i guess.. .oH! and funniest thing ever... this little fat girl like ran by one of the trees and just started peeing in front of everyone and the mom just stood and watched her.. ha it was so funny....
  THEN! this morning... sister and i were studying and we were in the kitchen and we live on a main street and across the street are other apartments too.. and the window looks out to them, and then out of nowhere, a fat naked man just walks outside and starts enjoying the summer breeze.. haha i just stopped and said "sister... they is a fat naked man outside our window luckily i couldnt make out anything specific on his body) but he was definetly naked... we both just lost it.... it was just like "yep... we live here" hahaha i totally thought about friends....it was so great...

  anyway... that was basically my week... the miracle we saw this week was that one day our planning day, was really hard, so we decided to go buy  lunch even though we didnt have any money.. but we decided to anyway causewe needed to get out.. and we just kept walking when nothing souded good...and then we came to this place which kinda sells wraps.. i dont know how to write it in english, and there was one of the elders investigators, anton...and he worked there i guess, and he speaks english and said "these will be
  free for you today!"and we said "no no... we can pay.." and he said "no no!"and then we just talked with him about the church and stuff and for us...obviously it was a blessing and we realized that the lord is always aware of us... always... he knew we needed to get out of the house and he gave us the opportunity to talk to an investigator and have free lunch... and for us it was an amazing experience that the lord blesses us when we need it.. We have been working really hard this week... and we know when we do the
  blessings come...i am sorry that this email is random, i just dont have much time today, its
my companions birthday so we have a lot planned and i have to go cut someones hair!! but know i love my mission.. russia is crazy! but i love it... and i am learning more about myself every day....
  i love you guys!! miss you!!!!!

ps.. telicia your baby is adorable i am sending you a letter
  ash! i got your letter i will write you soon!
 ali! i need your address in san fran!!!!!

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